Preaching of Islam

Preaching of Islam

Preaching of Islam. It helps the muslim ummah to listen and learn about islamic preaching in english and other languages.

for muslims

and islamic topic

In this app you will find:
– Friday Sermon
– Islamic Preaching in English
– Audios about Islamic Sermon and Islamic Topic

and Islamic preaching

and islamic knowledge in audio

Preaching of Islam

Preaching of Islam
Preaching of Islam
Preaching of Islam
Preaching of Islam

. This app is for all Muslims around the world who want to learn about Islam and its preaching.

The Preaching of Islam app is a great tool for those who want to learn more about Islam. It contains alislam friday sermon and an islamic preaching in english audios about islamic sermon. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

and many other languages

This app is for those people who want to learn about Islam and its preaching. It contains a lot of Islamic content in English which will help the user to understand Islam better.

and has many features:

– You can download the audio and listen to it offline.
– The app contains audios of Islamic sermons in English.
– You can share the audio with your friends and family.
– The app is updated regularly with new content.

islamic stories islamic lectures and many more

Some of the content in this app:

Preaching of Islam – An Islamic Preaching in English about Islamic Sermon Islamic Stories Islamic Lectures and many more and talks

Preaching of Islam is an Islamic app that has been developed for both Muslims and non-Muslims. It Contains a huge variety of audios about preaching of islam, islamic sermons, alislam friday sermon and an inspiring collection of islamic preaching in english.

Preaching of Islam app help you to understand more about Islam and islamic sermons, download Preaching of Islam right now!

This app provides free online information on Quran and accurate knowledge of islamic preaching in english. Welcome to Preaching of Islam app, an online Quran and Islam app. Don’t miss out on your chance to expand your Islamic content and knowledge. Preaching of Islam is a perfect platform for Islamic knowledge and islamic sermons.

Preaching of Islam is one of the best must-have Islamic apps for any smartphone. The attractive interface and high-quality Islamic audios content ensures that the service can help bring a light to the heart of every Muslim through enhancing their knowledge about Islam and how to better live their life.


⦁ Easy to use
⦁ Use anytime and anywhere
⦁ Completely free to use
⦁ Random Features to use
⦁ Completely free to download
⦁ Great Fantastic Theme
⦁ Colorful Design

Install the Preaching of Islam app Now:
If you’re looking for quality Islamic knowledge, the everything Islam app was specially created for you. Completely free to use app.
Download today!

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So what are you waiting for.. Go and download your copy of Preaching of Islam app.

Download and use it for free and give us a review of Preaching of Islam App.

and islamic state of the art software for managing mosques and muslim communities

This app is really good for the English speaking Muslims. It has the audio recordings of Friday Sermons as well as Islamic Preachings in English. The quality of audio is really good. I would highly recommend this app to every Muslim who wants to learn more about Islam and its teachings.

The App also has a section on Namaz (Prayers). It explains how to perform each step of Namaz in a very detailed manner with pictures. This is a very useful feature for those Muslims who do not know how to pray or want to learn more about it.

I would like to suggest some improvements though:

1) The App should have an option to download the audio files so that they can be listened offline.
2) There should be a way to bookmark certain audio files or sections so that one can easily go back to them later.
3) It would be great if the App had some video content as well

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