Cheetah Wallpapers

Cheetah Leopard Wallpapers Hd

Cheetah Wallpapers hd application contains a collection of cheetah print wallpaper and backgrounds of big cats like all different pink Leopard wallpaper, Clouded cheetah Leopard print wallpaper, snow leopard, and Cheetahs. Install this Wallpaper application to enjoy backgrounds for free.

There are three stages in the life cycle of the cheetah: cub (birth to 18 months), adolescence (18 to 24 months) and adult life (24 months and on).

The gestation (pregnancy) period for the cheetah is 93 days, and litters range in size from one or two up to six cubs (the occasional litter of eight cubs has been recorded, but it is rare). Cub mortality is higher in protected areas like national parks and wildlife reserves where proximity to large predators is greater than in non-protected areas. In such areas, the cheetah cub mortality can be as high as 90%.

Adult life for a cheetah in the wild is difficult. Cheetahs in the wild (both male and female combined) have an average age span of 10 – 12 years. The average lifespan of an adult male in the wild skews lower (8 years), due in part to territorial conflicts with competing groups of males. Adult mortality is one of the most significant limiting factors for the growth and survival of the wild cheetah population.

This free cheetah leopard wallpapers hd application contains a collection of cheetah print wallpaper and backgrounds of some big cats like cheetah Leopard print wallpaper, Clouded Leopard, and Cheetah print wallpaper.

Install this Wallpaper application to enjoy backgrounds and share your favorite Backgrounds on social media or use it as a lock screen and home screen because these backgrounds suit all phones.

Cheetah Leopard aesthetic is a free wallpapers and backgrounds application that provides you with a large variety of awesome wallpapers and pink leopard wallpaper for girls. If you love cheetah leopard print wallpaper, this app will give a beautiful makeover for your device.

You will gain the access to different amazing types of wallpapers like; cheetah leopard print theme and cheetah print wallpaper and so many more. You can also activate auto wallpaper changer and it will change the wallpaper of your phone screen automatically from the downloaded wallpapers.

Just install it for free and explore these amazing photos offline. It is easy to work on just pick your favorite and swipe up or down, you can also share your favorite leopard wallpapers hd on social media, to your friends and family, or use it as a lockscreen and homescreen.

Cheetah Wallpapers and backgrounds

Cheetah Wallpapers
Cheetah Wallpapers
Cheetah Wallpapers
Cheetah Wallpapers

+ +700 cheetah leopard wallpapers HD & 4k
+ set Cheetah Wallpapers hd as background.
+ Compatible with almost all phones
+ The application work offline
+ optimized battery usage

+ You can share the Cheetah Wallpapers hd with your friends on social media
+ Cheetah Print Wallpaper that you have applied will automatically be saved in gallery
+ Simple & easy interface
+ Good Performance
+ Cheetah print wallpaper
+ Cheetah Leopard print wallpaper

+ Faster access and good performance
+ Set Cheetah Wallpapers live as home screen or lock screen
+ Share your favorite pink leopard wallpaper, cheetah print wallpaper or cheetah leopard print wallpaper with your friends on social media
+ Choose your leopard live wallpaper’s size and crop it

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Download the best leopard animal wallpapers hd app, and enjoy the high quality and unique leopard wallpapers hd for free, and make your phone looks beautiful.

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